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thunderstorm / гроза
имя существительное
thunderstorm, storm, danger, terror
имя существительное
a storm with thunder and lightning and typically also heavy rain or hail.
Tornadic thunderstorms can also produce waterspouts and downbursts.
Lightning easily strikes many miles from the edge of the thunderstorm .
You know when you take a photo of a thunderstorm , and the lightning is all purple or pink?
Marks said the herd gathered around a tall tree to shelter during a thunderstorm when lightning struck the tree.
On past experience this heatwave will end with a torrential downpour or a major thunderstorm , or both.
Lines of thunderstorms that cause one downburst after another are called derechoes.
Search conditions varied from fine weather to thunderstorms and heavy squalls.
These thunderstorms often produce heavy precipitation, which can cause soil erosion.
Humidity, torrential rain and thunderstorms ensured that the disease continued to spread and many more crops were destroyed.
Last night East London appeared to be getting its share of the rain, with heavy thunderstorms in the early evening.
The most significant features of the wet season are thunderstorms , tropical cyclones and rain depressions.