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thunderous / громовой, оглушительный, грозовой
имя прилагательное
thunderous, stentorian, sidesplitting
deafening, thunderous, splitting, earsplitting
thunderous, thundery, showery
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or giving warning of thunder.
a thunderous gray cloud
I froze when I heard loud, thunderous footsteps racing up the stairs and soon banging fists were pounding against my door.
The haunting Sounding depicting rays of sunlight through thunderous clouds is the stand-out piece of the whole exhibition.
City were denied an equaliser on 32 minutes by the woodwork as City's latest young international Levent Yalcin's thunderous shot from 25 yards clipped the post.
Under the weight of massive, thunderous protests and growing international pressure, Damascus has pledged to withdraw its troops from Lebanon in line with the Taif Accords.
Dressed in blue and gray suits, they climb out, waving American flags, to thunderous applause.
Properly packed, the shot barrel produces a thunderous roar and devastating effect on close-range targets.
One night he caused a terrific row and there were a series of thunderous crashing noises followed by a lot of shouting in Arabic as the proprietor tried to settle the situation.
Behind them the waves continued to pound the beach - a clamouring symphony of thunderous echoes that reverberated throughout the tangled maze of the pier.
They were ordered to give him a " thunderous ovation, " and they did.
No other player of the modern age has such an unassuming demeanour off the course and such a thunderous presence on it.