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thundercloud / грозовая туча
имя существительное
грозовая туча
thundercloud, storm cloud
имя существительное
a cumulus cloud with a towering or spreading top, charged with electricity and producing thunder and lightning.
It can't be too windy, and there must not be any rain, thunderclouds , or lightning nearby.
A thundercloud , with a distinctive upper anvil shape, results from air which is moist and unstable rising by convection.
Oh, yeah, we were still in a thick thundercloud with periodic flashes of lightning surrounding us.
A company in the USA have now produced a gel that they claim is able to almost totally destroy a building thundercloud .
As you pointed out, it takes about 800 million volts to get lightning to jump between a thundercloud and the ground.
Even so, the thought of life from a thundercloud thrilled Percy Shelley, who was a keen electrical experimenter, and was immortalised by his wife Mary in her novel Frankenstein.
Scientists believe the warm, dry, dusty layer mixes with tropical waves, breaking up thunderclouds ' ability to transfer energy from the warm ocean surface to the atmosphere.
But the breathtaking scenery and impending risk of thunderclouds and lightning kept us spinning.
It had been sunny a moment before; now dark thunderclouds threatened rain.
Rain cascaded from menacing thunderclouds , but she ignored it, racing to the front porch of the store.
The forecasts have been asking us to watch out for thunderclouds and thundershowers for a long while now.