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thunderclap / удар грома, неожиданное событие, ужасная новость
имя существительное
удар грома
thunderclap, bolt, clap, thunderpeal
неожиданное событие
ужасная новость
имя существительное
a crash of thunder.
the door opened like a thunderclap
As if on cue, there was a soft thunderclap and a light rain started.
‘Thanks for walking me back,’ Henriette said, as a thunderclap shook the sky.
There is a powerful thunderclap of a moment in Le Confessionnal when the actor playing Alfred Hitchcock slips into the cab (another confessional cage) being driven by Paul-Emile.
Half of her words were lost in the noise of a thunderclap that echoed through the sky.
No sooner were we in bed when there was an almighty thunderclap and the heavens opened up and of course it sounded very loud on the tin roof.
It was really coming down, with the occasional flash of lightning and booming thunderclap .
the door opened like a thunderclap
The beginning of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States breaks open with the force of a thunderclap .
The joke struck the banker audience like a thunderclap .
For example, following the lyric ‘thunder that roared out a warning,’ a thunderclap is heard on the track.