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thump / стучать, колотить, наносить тяжелый удар
knock, tap, rap, chatter, hammer, thump
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, thump
наносить тяжелый удар
имя существительное
глухой звук
thud, clunk, thump, clonk, surd
тяжелый удар
clunk, thump, clonk, pound, hammerblow, oner
имя существительное
a heavy dull blow with a person's fist or a blunt implement.
I felt a thump on my back
hit (someone or something) heavily, especially with the fist or a blunt implement.
Holman thumped the desk with his hand
At this point I thump my fist down onto my desk and toss my hair defiantly.
The only audible sound was the thump of his steps against the solid floor.
As he pressed his head hard to the man's chest he could hear the thump, thump of a healthy heart beat.
his wife put down her iron with a thump
A loud thump sounded behind him and he turned it time to see someone sprint out the stable doors.
The strong, even thump of her pulse against his skin reassured him.
Applying increasing pressure on the brakes with 3,000 feet of runway to go, we felt a strong thump below the jet.
Jane's heart gave an uncomfortable thump
Thump thump , she can definitely hear my heart.
The odd thing was is that Candice was sure she could hear the thump of his heart against his chest.