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thumbscrew / винт с накатанной головкой, тиски для больших пальцев, винт-барашек
имя существительное
винт с накатанной головкой
тиски для больших пальцев
screw, thumbscrew
thumbscrew, butterfly screw
имя существительное
a screw with a protruding winged or flattened head for turning with the thumb and forefinger.
As we can see from the rear shot, these panels are removed via thumbscrews and Phillips screws.
an instrument of torture for crushing the thumbs.
The other mutineers, after torture with thumbscrews , were whipped and had ashes, salt and pepper rubbed into their wounds.
If you're like most Linux users, you never put all the screws back in, so rest assured that this case stays together with just the thumbscrew .
It is possible that the thumbscrew , the rack, or physical mutilation such as ear-cropping would not have been considered cruel by our forebears.
I'm coming up a bit short this month and the credit card company says that they will have to resort to the thumbscrew and hot irons strategy if I don't cough up.
The base is inserted into the top of the carrying handle and cinched down with a thumbscrew that goes through a hole in the top of the carrying handle.
The removable motherboard tray is secured with a single thumbscrew .
Simply remove the thumbscrew for the card-slot blank you wish to replace with a card, remove the blank, install the card into the motherboard, and secure with a thumbscrew .
Fans of the thumbscrew and the cat o’ nine tails will be dismayed to learn that the nanny state has also outlawed anything that breaks the skin.
And it is the most incredibly dreadful and evil prolonged pain delivery device ever conceived by man since the thumbscrew or the fiction of L. Ron Hubbard.
A single thumbscrew may control the focus of both telescopes simultaneously and provision may be made for focusing each separately to allow for varying characteristics in the two eyes.
The size of the thumbscrew allowed me to get enough torque to secure my PCI cards without a screwdriver - one less hassle for the user.