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thumbnail / ноготь большого пальца, что-либо размером с ноготь
имя существительное
ноготь большого пальца
что-либо размером с ноготь
имя прилагательное
brief, summary, short, concise, succinct, thumbnail
small, little, petite, puny, diminutive, thumbnail
имя существительное
the nail of the thumb.
The body might be the length approximately, or slightly more than the length of an adult thumbnail , the legs obviously make the spider a little bit bigger than that.
a very small or concise description, representation, or summary.
a thumbnail sketch
PalmOne has added a new thumbnail view of a page, allowing you to quickly zero in on the part of the page you want to read.
You can browse and view images individually or in thumbnail mode.
This gives you instant thumbnails, web pages for each thumbnail , and you can look through the slides one by one.
Chips are getting smaller and smarter - 25 million transistors, 500 times tinier than the thickness of a strand of hair, sitting on a piece of silicon the width of a thumbnail .
I want a camera implanted in my index finger, with the preview pane in my thumbnail .
If I don't get a thumbnail representation over to him soon, he'll remove my blog from the listings.
a thumbnail sketch
Harris's descriptive powers and his characteristic knack for instant thumbnail sketches are given full rein in Pompeii.
a thumbnail sketch
Then, over the course of the next hour, we are presented with a thumbnail sketch of the boxer's relationship with Malcolm X (Mario Van Peebles).