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thumb / большой палец руки, выступ
имя существительное
большой палец руки
thumb, pollex
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, thumb
thumb, spend too much time, slabber
leaf, leaf through, thumb through, thumb, leaf over
look, watch, view, see, eye, thumb
имя существительное
the short, thick first digit of the human hand, set lower and apart from the other four and opposable to them.
The most commonly affected digits are the thumb and index finger.
press, move, or touch (something) with one's thumb.
as soon as she thumbed the button, the door slid open
Put a few drops of peppermint oil on the thumb patches of your gloves, so you can sniff on the fly.
The hands looked almost normal, with four fingers and an opposable thumb .
Stephen Jay Gould famously used the panda's thumb to illustrate the same principle.
Despite the flurry of action as we hijack the room, he continues to thumb out a furious text message and refuses to say hello.
C Jason Kendall is healthy again after a thumb injury ruined his 2001 season.
The thumb is small and has a vestigial claw, similar to the New World furipterids.
Nick held his thumb and forefinger apart about a half an inch.
The thumb and toe claws have an extra talon, which is unique in bats.
Lowell, currently sidelined by a broken left thumb , is one of 15 Marlins eligible for arbitration.
And even if he found out where he was working out in Rio, he couldn't very well thumb a ride out there, could he?