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thrush / молочница, дрозд, афтозный стоматит
имя существительное
thrush, milk fever, aphthae
thrush, catbird, ouzel, ousel
афтозный стоматит
имя существительное
a small or medium-sized songbird, typically having a brown back, spotted breast, and loud song.
Among birds that can be attracted in the summer are brown thrashers, catbirds, robins, thrushes , waxwings, woodpeckers, orioles, cardinals, towhees and grosbeaks.
infection of the mouth and throat by a yeastlike fungus, causing whitish patches.
In newborns, it usually shows up as diaper rash, but new babies can also develop oropharyngeal candidiasis, or thrush , in the mouth and throat.
a chronic condition affecting the frog of a horse's foot, causing the accumulation of a dark, foul-smelling substance.
Iodine is mostly used by ranchers, in miniscule amounts, to treat thrush on horse hooves.
Does anyone still believe, for instance, that thrush of the throat can be cured by a fasting person breathing into the patient's mouth?
Cystitis or vaginal irritations such as thrush , vaginitis, and genital warts are also likely to cause soreness.
The drug combats opportunistic fungal infections such as thrush , which are common in people living with HIV.
Charles was diagnosed with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, an incurable condition which means he cannot fight off the infection which causes thrush .
Vaginal thrush can be passed on by having sexual intercourse with a partner who has a candida infection.
The women who took oral lactobacillus or the women who were taking the vaginal lactobacillus, the rate of thrush was no different from the women who were taking just the placebo.
Some men develop balanitis due to an allergy to thrush in their partner's vagina, so it may be that you both need treatment.
Sometimes you can see the lesions in the mouth or pharynx as sores or ulcerations (in the viral causes) or as thrush (in candidiasis), but often not.
In men, lichen planus can affect the penis, with purple-coloured or white ring-shaped patches, which may be confused with thrush but are often not itchy.
Iodine is mostly used by ranchers, in miniscule amounts, to treat thrush on horse hooves.