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throwback / атавизм, возврат к прошлому, регресс
имя существительное
atavism, throwback, reversion, reversion to type
возврат к прошлому
regression, regress, retrogression, setback, retroversion, throwback
имя существительное
a reversion to an earlier ancestral characteristic.
the eyes could be an ancestral throwback
Warner is a throwback to the quarterbacks of old.
the eyes could be an ancestral throwback
The new album is an evolution, not a throwback , but it does contain references to every stage of U2's career.
So is this new trend a throwback to the 1980s and the heady fragrances which reeked of sex and were banned from select restaurants because they put people off their meals?
Some say a new Florida law is a throwback to the Wild West.
a lot of his work is a throwback to the fifties
It's a quote that sounds like a throwback to preintegration days.
Yes, he may be a throwback to a former and, in many ways, best-forgotten age in which golf was populated mainly by right-wing reactionaries.
Compared to the other semi-finalists here, the Italians were criticised for representing a throwback to a bygone, defensive mentality.
He was a throwback to the type of player Scotland used to produce and it was a pleasure to watch him play.