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throughput / пропускная способность, производительность
имя существительное
пропускная способность
capacity, throughput, carrying capacity, output, out-turn
performance, productivity, capacity, output, efficiency, throughput
имя существительное
the amount of material or items passing through a system or process.
Both ADSL and cable modems offer throughputs over 100 kbps, but as consumers learn more about the two technologies, they may start gravitating toward DSL.
Alternatively, the box can be set to use both processors in tandem without failover protection, doubling its throughput .
With Tanglewood, however, Intel is moving away from its cache crushing chips and toward a more throughput oriented design.
The result is that memory performance hampers the overall throughput of today's systems.
falling throughput and rising production costs
We are delighted with the transaction throughput and that we are the only banking institution to offer such facilities in the town.
Faster throughput means the ability to deliver large files in the least amount of time.
Being a major transit airport, Schipol has a throughput of 40 million passengers a year.
fast data throughput
Craig Bewley says that the throughput of course candidates per month in Ireland is now hitting 1,000.
It could be that your new system is not getting as much throughput to your hard disks as it should be.