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throes / родовые муки
имя существительное
родовые муки
labor pains, travail, labour, labor, throes, throes of childbirth
имя существительное
intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, death, or great change.
he convulsed in his death throes
And in the continuing fiasco of the new parliament building, I see the death throes of another proud Scottish archetype.
His words of "Love your enemies", carefully cross-cut against his prayers for the tormentors forgiveness during his throes on the cross is a powerful piece of editing work.
Dookeran has been brought back for one reason: to shore up the image of a flagging party and a leader who is in his political death throes .
What emerges is a bigger, broader picture - a new world of pop in its birth throes .
What is key to the current world, Wallerstein argues, is that we are now witnessing the death throes of the world system itself.
Unable to bear the death throes of her love affair, she becomes by turns desperate and tenacious, acting out with unbridled fury.
Do you think we are seeing the empire in its death throes ?
Perhaps what is said here does just represent the death throes of an ideology whose day is done.
Cheney says this insurgency is in its last throes .
This was the era when Cubism was in its birth throes , when Picasso and Braque were embarking on an artistic revolution.