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throb / биение, пульсация, трепет
имя существительное
beat, beating, throb, pulse, pitapat, pulsebeat
pulsation, ripple, pulse, throbbing, throb, beat
trembling, thrill, awe, trepidation, tremor, throb
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, throb
сильно биться
throb, pound, pant
сильно пульсировать
имя существительное
a strong, regular beat or sound; a steady pulsation.
the throb of the ship's engines
beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm; pulsate steadily.
the war drums throbbed
On the bright side, her head was just a minor throb and the pain in her chest had calmed.
He forced himself onto his knees, ignoring the dull throb of pain that threatened to flare up any second and crawled a few inches, feeling the air blindly in front of him, before stopping to listen.
Perhaps it was the dull throb of pain or the tyre mark on my shoe that put me in a particularly vicious mood.
As if in agreement, her arm gave another painful throb .
The dull pain, not even a throb , just a constant, nagging ache, seems to be inside your body, deep inside, rattling your bones, if that were possible.
Sometimes the tape threatens to break up under the accumulated weight of Masuko's bass drum and the low throb of Fujii's synth.
The excited rhythm… overwhelms the pulsing throb of my headache".
But the house standing behind me and a throb of pain in my hand wouldn't let me move.
Her heart had pounded every second of the dinner, beating a rhythm that seemed to throb his name.
When the energy runs through the pineal gland, it will throb and pulsate as mentioned by HunterWolf.