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thrive / процветать, преуспевать, разрастаться
prosper, thrive, flourish, do
succeed, do well, prosper, get on, thrive, flourish
thrive, flourish, swell
(of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.
the new baby thrived
Those who thrive on glib pronouncements about the role of renewables should carry out the occasional reality check.
You get the feeling that daily dilemmas are grist to the mill for Singh, who seems to thrive on the push and pull of the restaurant trade.
Cereals, beans, and vines thrive in between clumps of eucalyptus on the heavy but fertile clay soils.
That human minds thrive on aesthetics is a curse when trying to comprehend new surroundings.
The fanatics who buy into the al-Qaeda ideology thrive on anger and hate.
It can mean anything which helps a family to function and where children thrive .
It's the underground genres that thrive on the Internet and the record labels know it.
But literary journals and magazines have their own set of readers and thrive on them.
Fortunately, Pearson seems to thrive on the insecurity of the actor's life.
education groups thrive on organization