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thriller / триллер, боевик, ужастик
имя существительное
thriller, spine-chiller
thriller, hitman, sock, feature, smash-hit
thriller, horrible, hair-raiser, spine-chiller
имя существительное
a novel, play, or movie with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage.
Spy stories, thrillers and crime novels can often be far more realistic about how politics works.
As a thriller , the film has an inevitability that cannot be rerouted.
It is not a thriller or a mystery or an action film or a crime film, nor any kind of ordinary drama or melodrama.
Here again, another little, mini thriller was played out as both teams fought it out to the finish.
a seven-goal thriller
a 17–14 overtime thriller against Tampa Bay
Chorley and Rossendale United go head to head tomorrow in a game that has all the ingredients for a New Year derby thriller .
Leatherhead came out on top after a remarkable nine-goal thriller at Fetcham Grove on Saturday.
Next up for Lewis is a starring role alongside Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez in a thriller due to be filmed later this year.
It would have been a travesty had either side lost this out and out thriller .
Keighley Lifts just missed out on the points in a five goal thriller .