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thrill / трепет, дрожь, возбуждение
имя существительное
trembling, thrill, awe, trepidation, tremor, flutter
shiver, trembling, tremble, shake, tremor, thrill
excitation, excitement, agitation, stimulation, field, thrill
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, palpitate
вызывать трепет
tremble, shake, shiver, shudder, wobble, thrill
имя существительное
a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.
the thrill of jumping out of an airplane
cause (someone) to have a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.
his kiss thrilled and excited her
(of an emotion or sensation) pass with a nervous tremor.
the shock of alarm thrilled through her
Moviegoers can thrill to a spinning top exploding in mid-air!
It often takes a sensation to create a thrill or terror, to take us beyond simple awareness to a throbbingly self-conscious recognition of the new.
But again, the biggest thrill of my day is surfing great waves in Baja in places that I've helped save.
They'll still thrill to the action scenes and laugh at the jokes.
I can honestly say that I felt a little thrill of excitement.
Contempt is a daring idea to build a character around, much less a whole movie, and you thrill to Norton's hyperactive rant, his attitude.
the thrill of jumping out of an aeroplane
thrill to the magic of the world 's greatest guitarist
The thought of seeing him again causes a little thrill of nervousness.
This detected the sensation of thrill through real-time sampling and analysis of physiological reactions.