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thrift / бережливость, хозяйственность, экономность
имя существительное
thrift, frugality, thriftiness, economy, parsimony, prudence
thrift, thriftiness
save, economize, spare, skimp, retrench, thrift
имя существительное
a European plant that forms low-growing tufts of slender leaves with rounded pink flower heads, growing chiefly on sea cliffs and mountains.
Enclosing the garden will be a traditional dry stone wall planted with native Irish plants - yarrow, thrift , heart's tongue fern and maiden hair spleenwort.
Not to do so would be wasteful, an offence against Scottish thrift and against her tireless spirit.
Battling the elements, espousing values of thrift , industry and resourcefulness, the film has the feel of a ‘Boys' Own Adventure’.
The merchant's large estate, he maintained, was the result of ‘honest industry, forecast, prudence, thrift .’
No wonder, many victims readily conclude that thrift and self-reliance are useless and even injurious and that spending and debt are preferable by far.
But however many millions it may cost to support the monarchy in all its pomp, the Queen sets a shining example of thrift and prudence.
These work well with pots of perennials such as thrift Armeria alliacea alternated with creeping Gypsophila repens.
Primrose, cowslip, lady's mantle, bugle, thrift , clustered bellflower are widely available in garden centres, but are all natives.
The new thrift plant in its small terracotta planter looks as if it'd been there all its life - erect and sprightly, just as it should be.
Around this time, Stephen Smith, a lumber merchant from Pennsylvania, was the largest shareholder in a thrift named Columbia Bank.
Economic Calvinism holds the doctrine that industry, thrift , and economic success is evidence of one's predestination.