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thresher / молотилка, молотильщик
имя существительное
thresher, thrasher, separator, threshing-machine, thrashing-machine
thresher, thrasher
имя существительное
a person or machine that separates grain from the plants by beating.
Agriculture thrives on the other side of those hills; grain threshers reaping wheat, trucks full of tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons.
a surface-living shark with a long upper lobe to the tail. Threshers often hunt in pairs, lashing the water with their tails to herd fish into a tightly packed shoal.
‘In September a thresher shark was spotted near Turbot Bank, off Freshwater West,’ said Mark Burton, assistant marine conservation officer at Skomer Marine Nature Reserve.
Soon after Dun arrived in Japan, the Meiji emperor even had visited one of the Tokyo experimental farms, witnessing the industrial magic of a mechanical thresher .
At that time the thresher had its own small engine and was not pulled by a tractor.
At Weydon fair, this corn thresher got drunk and spoke in an ill-tempered way of his wife.
Nick was sent sailing into the grain thresher , smashing against the sides of the tower as Seven quickly darted at him.
Not long after having the baby in August, Tess becomes a thresher .
A the moment the bonito and common thresher breeds of shark are relatively plentiful.
But this farmer is a kindly old man that loves his wayward piglet since his wife died in a thresher accident.
He was a brother of Mick Byrne, the well-known thresher man who drove his thresher into many farmsteads in West Wicklow.
It was taken to Sheffield in the 1930s and saw out its working days there by steaming out to farms and powering thresher machines right up to 1964.
Occasionally I'll mention that, for example, my arm was torn off last week by a wheat thresher .