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three-way / трехходовой, трехпутный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
involving three directions, processes, or participants.
a three-way race for the presidency
With a three-way auction underway, it certainly looks like the supermarket chain is going to change hands.
It will be up to the Warriors to knock the Blues out of a three-way tie for first place.
Industry sources had said a three-way transaction - or a Dutch-Japanese deal - could be on the cards.
The set is a loose, three-way group improvisation in which the leader plays an entirely collaborative part.
In a three-way tie for the lead overnight, she moved clear with a birdie at the fifth and never really looked like tripping up.
In 1924, the British team won gold after a three-way play-off for the Olympic title with France and Sweden.
It said yesterday it continued to make good progress in its three-way talks with banks and bondholders.
It's a simple three-way swap, it's not interfering with anyone and there's no extra expense to the council.
His victory was bizarre, with a double bogey on the third extra hole of a three-way play-off.
This season we have had eight different drivers winning races and a three-way title fight up to the penultimate round.