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three-quarter / три четверти, поворот в три четверти
имя существительное
три четверти
поворот в три четверти
имя прилагательное
с поворотом лица в три четверти
имя прилагательное
consisting of three quarters of something (used especially with reference to size or length).
a three-quarter length cashmere coat
As viewers continue to progress through the albums, they finds subject posed increasingly in three-quarter turn, rather than in right-angle profile.
It shows a beautiful young black woman with a large mass of curly and braided hair, her head turned in three-quarter view toward us.
In the end I told her to wear a pair of three-quarter length jeans which were folded up at the bottom.
He attributes the low evaluation to the fact that the sculpture is most often seen only in photographic reproduction, especially via a single image that shows it in a limiting three-quarter view.
Faces are never shown straight on - all are three-quarter views that emphasize the shape of the nose.
I have my students do several sketches of themselves, often taping two mirrors together so they could get a more interesting three-quarter angle.
Bright light illuminates them from the left at a three-quarter angle.
Over the tunic he wore a scapula, a long tunic with wide, three-quarter length sleeves, usually of a darker undyed wool.
In the life-size portrait, Correggio painted a young woman in three-quarter view, seated beneath trees of laurel and ivy, which form a kind of niche around her head.
The female figure stands to the left of the frame, her brightly illuminated front turned in three-quarter view toward the picture plane.