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three-dimensional / трехмерный, пространственный, стереоскопический
имя прилагательное
tridimensional, solid, three-dimensional
spatial, dimensional, solid, extensional, three-dimensional
stereoscopic, stereo, stereoscopical, three-dimensional
имя прилагательное
having or appearing to have length, breadth, and depth.
a three-dimensional object
A crystalline solid is a solid consisting of atoms arranged in an orderly three-dimensional matrix.
Lizzie appealed to the 30-year-old actress because the character is equally three-dimensional .
Colorants and sculpting tools are used to create decorative three-dimensional forms.
It commonly appears as a spongy mass because of the three-dimensional meshwork.
This is the first solid figure, the three-dimensional form of the triangle.
He gives the character his fullest opportunity to be seen as a three-dimensional hero.
The refraction of the light also gives the moon a three-dimensional appearance.
An ionic compound is composed of a network of ions that results in a three-dimensional matrix of cations and anions.
Those topographic features scatter ambient light in such a way that a three-dimensional image appears.
The film takes the time to develop its characters into three-dimensional entities.