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three-cornered / треугольный, угловатый, нескладный
имя прилагательное
triangular, lateen, deltoid, trigonal, trigonous, three-cornered
angular, awkward, gnarly, gnarled, three-cornered
gangling, ungainly, gawky, gangly, unwieldy, three-cornered
имя прилагательное
In the original historic area, authentic shopfronts tempt visitors inside to buy three-cornered hats and bonnets, quills and ink, block-printed stationery and sealing wax, candles, soaps, hams, jams, brass and pewter.
But from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s UK manufacturing was smashed in a three-cornered war of attrition between incompetent management, militant trade unions and high-tax government.
They all wore their full-dress diplomatic uniforms with the characteristic three-cornered plumed hats.
In a tight, three-cornered , contest, they could yet sneak through to leave the other bids floundering.
Some feel that a different type of personality could have captured this neglected demographic in what has become a three-cornered fight.
The historic three-cornered contest took place in an atmosphere charged with tension and excitement, both in and out of the Congress hall.
As a result, Italy had rarely been free from foreign domination and the three-cornered contests between Spain, France, and Austria had left deep imprints on every aspect of its history.
He's usually the one in three-cornered hat when he does his regular turn in period dramas on TV and the big screen.
If the two spouses do not agree there arises a three-cornered conflict to determine which one of them will be widowed.
At his fancy-dress party, Armstrong, already huge, augments his volume with tails, a heavy cloak with a triple tippet, and a three-cornered hat.
A group of well-dressed men and women - the men in three-cornered hats, the women in long dresses - are promenading conspicuously beside the river.