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threaten / угрожать, грозить, пригрозить
threaten, menace, overhang, hang over, denounce, impend
threaten, thunder, menace, hang over
state one's intention to take hostile action against someone in retribution for something done or not done.
the unions threatened a general strike
She had no intention of doing so, but she could threaten him.
Oil drilling would likely threaten and compromise B.C. industries, such as tourism, and commercial and recreational fishing.
I am a non-violent person and I would not intentionally threaten Mike or anyone else for that matter.
We want to send a clear message to management that they cannot single out and threaten union members.
Instead the black-haired woman kept her gaze focused on him, coiled to act if anything dared threaten her.
Despite two restraining orders and a spell in jail, he continued to threaten her, and was planning to kill her when he was finally arrested.
how dare you threaten me?
Consuming nations are threatened with a worldwide oil shortage that rattles the stock and bond markets.
Rather, they might have set up production lines that can be activated if war threatens .
However, his memos, which were found after his death, showed that the union threatened him to that effect.