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threadbare / потертый, изношенный, вытертый
имя прилагательное
shabby, threadbare, napless
threadbare, battered, frazzled, decrepit, outworn, worn down with use
имя прилагательное
(of cloth, clothing, or soft furnishings) becoming thin and tattered with age.
shabby rooms with threadbare carpets
Unfortunately, the Cole royal commission may also end up the perfect mechanism for destroying the already threadbare authority of royal commissions.
He was issued with a thin mat and a threadbare blanket and taken to the cell block.
My room is pretty threadbare right now, but Rebecca promised that tomorrow we will go buy furniture for me.
Raised in Cardonald, Glasgow, Mullan and his seven siblings were working class misfits in a grand but threadbare rented house.
There is little a performer can do with such threadbare material.
Initially, capitalist market conditions were introduced into Russia under a somewhat threadbare banner of " democracy ".
Christian conservatism and hysterical anti-communism formed the parties' threadbare ideological framework and served to counterbalance various interests.
The film is set in a threadbare Australian ski resort at the fag-end of winter, well past the postcard stage.
She wrapped her inadequate, threadbare cape more securely around herself and pulled the hood down a little more to keep out the biting wind.
Hanford Burr's "Around the Fire" stories never grow old or threadbare .