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thrash / бить, молотить, отлупить
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, thrash
thresh, thrash, flail, cob
имя существительное
крутильные колебания
имя существительное
a violent or noisy movement, typically involving hitting something repeatedly.
the thrash of the waves
a style of fast, loud, harsh-sounding rock music, combining elements of punk and heavy metal.
There are also elements of thrash metal , cock rock and pop punk.
beat (a person or animal) repeatedly and violently with a stick or whip.
she thrashed him across the head and shoulders
Henry's charity ball had been one hell of a thrash
the thrash of the waves
One of the most distinctive guitarists of the punk generation, his searing, choking guitar lines lift the songs above the thrash punk anthems they would later become.
crews assembled in Richmond town square to tackle the 120-mile thrash
a grungy thrash band
Another man, reminding his mother of how his father used to thrash him at her behest, was told, ‘You were a bad child and you deserved it.’
I wrench the steering wheel back and thrash on up the hill
The students of St John's College bounced back from a heavy mid-week defeat to thrash Dunnington 6-0.
His father paid a visit to mine, who proceeded to thrash me with a yardstick.
While musically competent, these guys display no particular distinction, and the thrash guitar leads are pretty basic.