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thousand / тысяча, множество, масса
имя существительное
thousand, mil, chiliad
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, thousand
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, thousand
the number equivalent to the product of a hundred and ten; 1,000.
a thousand meters
My husband was chairman of a group of companies and his job was to keep several thousand men and women in work.
And even if the new shoes and their owner last for a thousand years, this is their finest hour.
divide the result by a thousand
only a thousand turned up
I am sure if a thousand other officers did the same thing we would have changes.
We have been eating this in this part of England for at least four thousand years, but it was a first time for me.
What would be the right decisions in any one of a thousand possible scenarios?
Human nature is about the only thing that hasn't changed all that much in five thousand years.
a thousand litres of fuel
For every book that appears about him, a thousand pour forth about his evil predecessor.