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though / хотя, однако, несмотря на
although, though, albeit, if, as, notwithstanding
but, however, though, yet, notwithstanding
несмотря на
though, nevertheless, when, tho'
however, though, nevertheless, still, even so, notwithstanding
все же
still, yet, though, nonetheless, even so
despite the fact that; although.
though they were speaking in undertones, Philip could hear them
however (indicating that a factor qualifies or imposes restrictions on what was said previously).
I was hunting for work. Jobs were scarce though
I wish them all the best though , and fully appreciate the time and effort they put in.
In these opening weeks of the season, though , he will remain a figure of possibility.
Continental drift also has an effect on the weather, though the process is much slower.
At the Black Bull the liquid refreshment was welcome though the food was unexciting.
In form, though comparable in concept to the Sutton Hoo stand, it is unique for England.
He did not call an expert in Planned Maintenance, though given leave to do so.
Apart from that, though , the only permanent legacy of her illness is the operation scar.
This is an enjoyable, though average, transposition of comic book heroes to the big screen.
These stories could have come from any of the tabloids from the last few weeks, though actually they belong to the distant past.
I was hunting for work. Jobs were scarce though