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thoroughly / тщательно, основательно, совершенно
thoroughly, meticulously, accurately, scrupulously, throughly, in depth
thoroughly, substantially, well, capitally, throughly, roundly
completely, absolutely, quite, entirely, perfectly, thoroughly
in a thorough manner.
he searched the house thoroughly
very much; greatly.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day
This involved thoroughly cleaning the house, rather a lot of food preparation and blowing up about twenty balloons.
Anyone who, like me, likes wild speeches about interesting things, will thoroughly enjoy this book.
Do not give the shih-tzu puppy the run of the house until he has been thoroughly house trained.
Dirt and cobwebs on equipment and floors suggested the premises had not been cleaned thoroughly for months.
she was soon thoroughly bored
Instead, try short angled casts along the near bank, lengthening each cast to thoroughly search the margins.
I thoroughly enjoy what I do and if I'm allowed to get on with building the business I'm quite happy.
It's a thoroughly ill-conceived picture full of plot twists that have absolutely no rhyme nor reason.
These are people behaving in a thoroughly anti-social manner.
Make sure that every surface of the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly at least once a month.