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thoroughgoing / радикальный, идущий напролом, без компромиссов
имя прилагательное
radical, drastic, thoroughgoing, eradicative
идущий напролом
thoroughgoing, all-out
без компромиссов
имя прилагательное
involving or attending to every detail or aspect of something.
a thoroughgoing reform of the whole economy
This break implies not only a change in organizational affiliations, but a profound and thoroughgoing transformation in the political perspective and world view of the working class.
A thoroughgoing bumbler, he accidentally kills the boss's grandson and then loses the pistol.
But no government attempted thoroughgoing fiscal reform.
She is a member of the editorial board and one of the folks who has made the paper a national laughingstock for its thoroughgoing political correctness and zany leftism.
I suspect, however, that a more thoroughgoing transformation is in order.
It is nothing less than a thoroughgoing critique of Tamil culture and society.
One of the most engaging things about the site is its air of faint eccentricity, and the fact that it is put together by a thoroughgoing enthusiast.
Then, if ever, was a signal opportunity to lay the groundwork for a genuinely thoroughgoing reform in keeping with the complementary ideas of free enterprise and equal access to natural opportunity.
Researchers tend to be concerned with substantive issues and are less than enthusiastic about engaging in the kind of development work that would be required for a thoroughgoing determination of measurement quality.
A thoroughgoing job, with attention paid to detail, and totally faithful to the original, the English translation makes for a good read.