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thoroughfare / проезд, проход, оживленная улица
имя существительное
passage, thoroughfare, transit, driveway
pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, thoroughfare
оживленная улица
имя существительное
a road or path forming a route between two places.
Although it could not be driven in a car, the route would steer cyclists off extremely busy roads and onto quiet thoroughfares and country lanes.
With energy, enthusiasm and many brushes they swept the accumulation of weekend litter from O'Connell Square and the main thoroughfare of the town.
In particular, Dean Road and Manor Road are used as a green thoroughfare by residents and are perhaps more akin to urban parks.
a scheme to stop the park being used as a thoroughfare
First Street, the old town's main thoroughfare , is pleasantly walkable.
Along with the tree, the main thoroughfare through Mountmellick will be a far brighter place, as rows of lights are strung all along the street.
By night the City Mall turns into a thoroughfare for people moving between the City's most popular nightspots.
The main thoroughfare there is Midsummer Boulevard, or H6, if you prefer the totalitarian grid system peculiar to the area.
Go left onto Broad Street, the town's main thoroughfare .
Students with backpacks strapped on are crisscrossing Northwestern Avenue, the main thoroughfare through campus.
Seb found himself a spot along the main thoroughfare and leaned up against the wall to watch the crowd.