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thoroughbred / породистый, чистокровный, безупречный
имя прилагательное
thoroughbred, purebred, pedigreed, highbred, well-bred
thoroughbred, purebred, blooded, pure, pureblooded, trueborn
irreproachable, flawless, perfect, impeccable, blameless, thoroughbred
immaculate, irreproachable, perfect, unimpeachable, sterling, thoroughbred
хорошо воспитанный
highbred, thoroughbred, true-bred
имя существительное
породистое животное
чистокровное животное
имя прилагательное
(of a horse) of pure breed, especially of a breed originating from English mares and Arab stallions and widely used as racehorses.
He is passionate about horses and breeds thoroughbred racehorses.
имя существительное
a horse of a thoroughbred breed.
Harness racing, pacing and trotting, is raced by standard-bred horses as opposed to thoroughbreds , who do the galloping.
He is passionate about horses and breeds thoroughbred racehorses.
Any flicker of uncertainty about riding such a young thoroughbred vanished.
By the late 1980s, many were bringing thoroughbred race cars - super powerful, light machines designed only for the race track.
The global economic slowdown seems unlikely to impact on some lifestyles as sales of thoroughbred horses continue to gallop ahead.
The new technique will not be used by thoroughbred racehorse breeders.
There has been a shortage of farriers to shoe the thousands of both thoroughbred and sport horses in the country, due in part to the absence of formal farrier training.
Second record cap-holder and an immense tackler, Scott was a thoroughbred from 19, and got stronger and stronger.
The result, more than 35 years on, is that Ireland has come from nowhere to reach the status of Europe's leading producer of thoroughbred horses.
Did you know it is an offence for a person in New South Wales to place a bet on an Australian thoroughbred , harness, or greyhound race with an operator not licensed in Australia?
Well I think the main thing you've got to have is the understanding of a thoroughbred horse, its pace and its temperament.