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thong / ремень, плеть
имя существительное
belt, strap, sling, thong, lanyard, leather
lash, scourge, thong, flagellum, sjambok, cat-o'-nine-tails
lash, quilt, flog, stitch, lace, thong
имя существительное
a narrow strip of leather or other material, used especially as a fastening or as the lash of a whip.
A wooden ladder lashed together with leather thongs led into a hole into the ceiling above.
an item of clothing fastened by or including a narrow strip of leather or cloth, in particular.
flog or lash (someone) with a whip.
For safety I kept my room key around my neck on a leather thong , and even tied an extra knot in it so it wouldn't slip over my head while swimming.
Specifically, she wanted to make sure they were wearing bras and were not wearing thong underwear.
She takes the leather thong out of my hair and threads it through the hole in the pendant.
He was dressed in traditional Paiute clothing, complete with moccasins, and his hair was kept back from his forehead with a leather thong .
His long, dark brown hair was tied away from his angular, handsome features with a leather thong .
Though the eight dancers never went beyond their thong underpants, the women seemed satisfied with the show.
He even uncovered, to his revulsion, a tiny lacy pink thong .
Traditional footwear is sandals or wooden clogs with a thong that passes between the big toe and the second toe.
The women favor skimpy bikinis with a thong cut.
The soles of her thong sandals are at least two or three inches thick, and the leather between her toes is braided with gems attached.