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thirsty / жаждущий, томимый жаждой, иссохший
имя прилагательное
thirsty, hungry, desirous, emulous, zealous, panting
томимый жаждой
thirsty, parched, athirst
thirsty, exsiccated
имя прилагательное
feeling a need to drink something.
the hikers were hot and thirsty
The choir went straight to the bar as soon as we arrived (well singing is very thirsty work) while the other guests sipped coffee.
Cool breezes bring instant relief as the thirsty land absorbs the falling rain.
Hot flashes at night are horrible but the thirstiness is all the time.
Allie accepted the gift gratefully, realizing now how thirsty she really was.
The people were terribly thirsty for every bit of information they could get.
As evidenced at recent shows, wine-themed art has exploded in popularity and has collectors thirsty for more
The water debate is often limited to difficult arguments about agricultural irrigation in the Murray-Darling basin and the future of thirsty crops like cotton and rice.
It's perfect country for cotton, except it doesn't rain much here, these rivers rarely flow and cotton is a very thirsty crop.
By sunset I am so thirsty that I could actually drink sea water.
Over time, the saved water percolated upward through capillary action toward plants' thirsty roots.