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thirst / жажда, тяга
имя существительное
thirst, hunger, itch, want, drought
traction, draft, pull, rod, thirst, draw
crave, thirst, covet, hunger, yearn, hanker
хотеть пить
имя существительное
a feeling of needing or wanting to drink something.
they quenched their thirst with spring water
(of a person or animal) feel a need to drink something.
I groaned, and drank as if I had thirsted for days.
I have visions of modern man dying of thirst and exhaustion beside an antique pump for want of a simple bit of practical knowledge.
tens of thousands died of thirst and starvation
Like the first taste of scotch to a former alcoholic who breaks the pledge, what followed was a raging thirst for everything and anything western.
The specimen prompted him to focus his thirst for knowledge and love of reading on mineralogy.
Many people drink far too little, quenching their thirst with coffee and tea - both of which are diuretics and actually extract water from the cells.
Those who can afford to buy clean water don't die of thirst or diarrhea.
This is fine, because the child is now drinking to counteract thirst , not drinking for the sweet taste.
He found that soldiers and sailors, when driven by extreme thirst , would drink sea water, or their urine, both of which were desperately harmful.
He no longer quenches his thirst by drinking sodas.
Laughter made her thirsty, and thirst made her drink.