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thinking / мышление, размышление, размышления
имя существительное
thinking, thought, intellection, tho'
thinking, meditation, reflection, thought, contemplation, think
имя прилагательное
thinking, intellectual, reasoning, reflective, cogitative, eggheaded
reasonable, intelligent, sensible, rational, sane, thinking
имя существительное
the process of using one's mind to consider or reason about something.
they have done some thinking about welfare reform
имя прилагательное
using thought or rational judgment; intelligent.
he seemed to be a thinking man
Isn't it technology, for example, which makes new ways of thinking , new ideas and paradigms, possible?
The harder question is how much she influences his thinking and his decisions.
Most importantly, the lessons of these recent experiences also have greatly contributed to our current strategic thinking .
It is time for some imaginative thinking - new ideas for making public services work better for those who need them most.
I'm going to loft an idea here and I don't want to prejudice your thinking by blurting out any names.
She is the thinking pop lover's solution to overplayed and overdone artists.
He is such a natural goalscorer that he is the thinking man's choice.
Four of the statements were about issues that dominated his thinking at the time and were highly emotional.
Turning children at the threshold of their teens into rational thinking beings is clearly not their credo.
I think these are over-inflated ideas, and my thinking comes out of working with depressed people.