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thinker / мыслитель, философ
имя существительное
thinker, speculator, notionalist
philosopher, thinker
имя существительное
a person who thinks deeply and seriously.
Deep down, they are serious thinkers and are students of life and all of its mysteries.
a leading scientific thinker
My father was an engineer and a brilliant thinker with a fine mind.
Debbie's mother described her daughter as intelligent and a deep thinker as her father was.
He worked to open mathematics education to everyone and never lost the intellectual requirements of a great scientific thinker .
His brilliant blue eyes always twinkled brightly, he was smart and a quick thinker .
There have been signs too that Sampras, always more of a doer than a thinker , has been contemplating life after tennis.
Patient, cogent and an exquisite thinker , Oz is a rare blast of sanity and intelligence.
However the issues she raises are the issues of a serious and mature thinker and so deserve to be treated in a mature way.
Although he has not got much speed, he is an intelligent thinker and he knows what he is doing.
she was not a thinker, but she had common sense