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thingy / штуковина
stuff, contraption
I gave the plastic thingy a good firm tug, just to show it who was boss.
Now at the end of six minutes, put the dried mint leaves into the boiling thingy , close it with a lid and leave it to cool for an hour.
Anyway, P had soup and I had a baguette thingy and we were chatting away.
Stick your name in the search thingy at the bottom and all will be revealed to you as if by magic.
The power keeps cutting out and coming back on, so I am about to pack up the internet thingy .
A lever thingy is pulled and the tables fall beneath the floor, thus creating dance space.
Haven't watched it all, but it seems like a manga thingy and has an amazingly weird look to it.
I'm trying to write a leaflet thingy to send out with any prints that I sell.
I had erected a suspension thingy from the ceiling, from which I can hang a bicycle.
My illness thingy has only got worse, I have started to cough like some mis-firing machine gun.