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thin-skinned / тонкокожий, чувствительный, обидчивый
имя прилагательное
sensitive, delicate, susceptible, sensory, feeling, thin-skinned
touchy, resentful, techy, sensitive, quick to take offense, thin-skinned
имя прилагательное
sensitive to criticism or insults.
these bloggers sure are a thin-skinned crowd
Some of us, at certain times of our life, are very sensitive to this and very thin-skinned .
He was paranoid, obsessive, perfectionist, thin-skinned and self-righteous, and his diary is the long story of a man going mad and taking forty years over it.
She is a thin-skinned politician who has been wounded by acres of speculation about everything from her dress sense to her sense of humour.
Folks, I submit that somebody this immature and thin-skinned has no business dealing with even 18-year-olds.
I'm alarmed that people over the age of 16 can act so unpleasantly towards their fellow humans, but I suppose that makes me naive and thin-skinned .
Nice, young, caring, thin-skinned doctors might be psychologically traumatised.
The rich and powerful, who are notoriously thin-skinned , can all too easily launch a libel action in the UK.
Yet he was famously thin-skinned and irascible, as I have good reason to remember, if any criticism became directed at himself.
He shows himself to be an ill-mannered, thin-skinned , easily flattered narcissistic ignoramus, given to stupid jokes, banal observations, casual rudeness and hypocritical pieties.
I am not very tough yet, I am not very hardened - at times this sensitivity may make me thin-skinned about criticism.