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thieve / воровать, красть, украсть
steal, pilfer, thieve, mooch, plunder, prig
steal, swipe, thieve, glom, snitch, hook
scrounge, pinch, filch, thieve, nick, sneak
be a thief; steal something.
they began thieving again
Left on the streets all day and scorned would you not become depressed, paranoid, turn to drink or drugs or thieve for a living?
Another day, another email scam with fraudsters trying to extract sensitive information so they can thieve from people's bank accounts.
We want crime rates to drop and steps to be taken to convince young criminals that there is an alternative to thieving and breaking the law.
This series follows a group of gang members as they fight their mortal enemies and seek out a living on the streets by selling drugs and thieving .
That's when I got into crime - thieving from cars and doing burglaries.
‘I've been here about five or six months, and I haven't thieved since I've been in York,’ he says.
Many take sport in killing for the sake of killing, thieving for the sake of theft, even if they do not need or use the spoils.
We aren't like the local autocrats, hypocritical and thieving to their rotten cores.
And Sammy, a shopkeeper, decides to combat thieving tearaways with retaliatory violence.
Talking to many fishery owners over the years, it seems the biggest problem they face is fish thieving .