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thicket / заросли, чаща, дебри
имя существительное
thicket, spinney, tousle
thicket, thick, bush, covert, brake, bosk
wilds, jungle, thicket, boondocks
имя существительное
a dense group of bushes or trees.
They rode down a dirt path in the forest amid the thickets of bushes and trees.
This study emerged from, and was carried out within, a dense thicket of contradictions.
The dense thicket of rules and exceptions will drive away, or drive mad, almost anyone else.
A winding road slopes downhill through a thicket of trees before looping once around a tiny manmade lake.
She had a small house between the villages, on a small hill near a thicket of oak trees.
a horned owl perfectly camouflaged in a dense thicket
Regan walked through a thicket of trees and pushed a few branches away.
Barely 20 feet below us was a dense thicket of bushes, and there the car lay on its side, undamaged.
The owl soared downwards into the thicket of pine trees where its nest was.
At points the towpath is bordered by mature trees and thickets of elder and hawthorn, home to many different species of birds.
It occurs along coastal beaches of the West Indies and Central America, where its dense thickets are often cultivated to provide a windbreak.