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thick-skinned / толстокожий
имя прилагательное
pachydermatous, callous, thickskin, thick-skinned
имя прилагательное
insensitive to criticism or insults.
you have to be thick-skinned and none too squeamish
Of course, Rice admits that he wasn't as thick-skinned when some of the first bad reviews hit.
No worries, mate; Australians are also famously thick-skinned !
I learned to be a thick-skinned debater round about then.
A shy, sensitive, clearly unhappy boy's troubled relationship with a domineering, thick-skinned father is captured in that single wounding chuckle.
You should be thick-skinned as things can get tense on location.
His loud, belligerent, thick-skinned exterior has always encased a much more emotional inner centre.
A person who wasn't so thick-skinned might actually get upset at the way some people act around here.
But a wee warning for those who dare stick their heads above the parapet: look out, you'll need to be very thick-skinned !
I'm pretty thick-skinned , but I found that remark to be stupid.
I can only read comments on political blogs when I'm feeling particularly thick-skinned .