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theta / тета
имя существительное
the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet ( Θ , θ ), transliterated as ‘th.’.
English borrowed the digraph th from Latin, where it served to transliterate Greek theta ; th superseded other symbols for the dental fricative following the advent of printing.
temperature (especially in degrees Celsius).
In contrast to results for sigma and delta frequencies, no strong differences between sleepy and less sleepy subjects were noted in theta , alpha, and beta ranges.
By contrast, drowsiness and light sleep are characterized by lower-frequency theta activity.
We use equations derived from the blob theory to calculate the blob size and the theta temperature of star polymers.
However, the present data together with those previously published for respiratory evoked potentials indicate that the movement from alpha to theta EEG activity represents a substantial change in neural responsiveness.
First my head was wrapped to monitor my alpha and theta brainwaves.
Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I use because it puts people in alpha and theta brainwave states; highly receptive levels of consciousness where suggestibility is at its maximum.
Look lower down the alphabet - theta perhaps, or even upsilon.
Look up ‘beta, alpha, theta and delta’ brain states on the internet.
theta rhythm
With these basic relationships in mind, let's now take a closer look at time value and the rate of time-value decay (represented by theta , from the Greek alphabet).