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thespian / трагический актер, драматический актер
имя существительное
трагический актер
tragedian, Thespian
драматический актер
имя прилагательное
tragic, tragical, Thespian, lurid
dramatic, dramatical, histrionic, Thespian
имя прилагательное
of or relating to drama and the theater.
thespian talents
имя существительное
an actor or actress.
In the current offering we have Brenda Blethyn as Mrs Warren, heading a cast of truly hard-working thespians .
Imperial prosperity produced audiences keen to sample thespian delights and able to afford to.
No one in her family had ever displayed thespian leanings before.
This year, she has appeared in a trio of movies and has failed to show any noteworthy thespian skills.
Even so, she suffers simultaneously from that perennial thespian complaint of neuroticism fuelled by depressing self-doubt.
Maya Maron, who plays the daughter who keeps the family from coming apart at the seams, has been singled out as a major new thespian talent in Israel, due to the strength of her performance here.
Daryl Hannah plays an earthbound angel, while Anthony Edwards is her erudite cohort and British thespian Robin Sachs is the master angel.
Actually, they said that it was my thespian talents that made them choose me, and they said that my voice was adequate, but they'd prefer it if I kept improving it.
Then comes another barrier: that old thespian adage about never working with children or animals.
Ironically, the past few months could bring a fresh appreciation and attention to Kelly's thespian abilities.
John Gielgud, along with his two contemporaries and friends, Laurence Olivier and Ralph Richardson, dominated the thespian scene for much of the 20th century.