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thermos / термос
имя существительное
thermos, thermos bottle, vacuum flask, thermos flask, thermos jug, chafing dish
имя существительное
a container that keeps a drink or other fluid hot or cold by means of a double wall enclosing a vacuum.
Others simply lean against the sea wall, thermoses at the ready, their faces turned to the sun.
Also, carry a map, compass or GPS, flashlight, knife, matches and a thermos with hot fluids.
Consider making a thermos of green tea to drink at work.
Am I awake and drinking from this red thermos of coffee or am I asleep, dreaming of sitting in my chair drinking this coffee?
I drank the last sip of my coffee and put my thermos away.
I packed a good variety of snack foods and a thermos of hot orange drink in my large backpack, then bundled up in my thickest gear in case the weather turned foul.
The agent put on rubber gloves and opened my thermos and swirled the coffee around.
As I've mentioned, she brings around a cake every Sunday, and they also bring other meals; a thermos of goulash, that kind of thing.
Boil one liter of water for five minutes, then pour it into a thermos or other type of heat-retentive container.
Then I had a drink from my thermos and a comforting chunk of chocolate.
Hilda does much of the talking, between trips to the narrow kitchen where she retrieves a silver thermos of coffee and a chocolate chip cake.