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thermocouple / термопара, термоэлемент
имя существительное
thermocouple, thermopile
имя существительное
a thermoelectric device for measuring temperature, consisting of two wires of different metals connected at two points, a voltage being developed between the two junctions in proportion to the temperature difference.
This effect is used in thermocouples , which measure temperature based upon change in electric flow.
Since the temperature is uniform, it is both possible and practical to measure it inside the chamber by using a thermocouple .
For calibration purposes, the same chemical shift difference was measured in a high-resolution probe whose temperature had been calibrated to 0.1°C with a thermocouple .
Air from the compartment is sampled through a narrow, extendable probe - which also contains a thermocouple to record the temperature - and the machine not only checks for the presence of gases, but also for the rates of change of gas levels.
Feldhake uses a thermocouple on a metal plate attached to a stake, at a cost of a few dollars per sensor.
Skin temperature was measured with a thermocouple on the foot.
If the pilot flame is extinguished for any reason, everything stops: the thermocouple cools and stops generating electricity, the electromagnet loses its power, a spring in the gas valve snaps the valve shut and the burner goes out.
Insertion of a thermocouple in the crystallizing solution revealed that its temperature was 270.7°C.
The temperature of the samples was measured using a thermocouple located within the cell holder and recorded in real time during the experiments.
A thermocouple consists of wires made of two different metals or alloys, and it has two junctions.
Temperature was measured with a fine-wire thermocouple located close to the sample capillary.