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thermal / тепловой, термальный, термический
имя прилагательное
thermal, thermic, caloric, calorific
thermal, thermic
имя существительное
an upward current of warm air, used by gliders, balloons, and birds to gain height.
By using thermals , gliders can stay aloft for hours without using power.
a thermal garment, especially underwear.
For sailing I would advise packing at least the same amount of clothes, thermals , jerseys and long johns again.
Heat, or thermal energy, is transferred from one body to another by virtue of a temperature differential.
Next I rode around on a double-decker bus for about an hour, got something to eat and went shopping at Harrods for thermal underwear.
He too was dressed in his pajamas, a green thermal shirt and green striped pants, along with old, worn-out brown shoes and his jacket.
It has not been much warmer in France than it was in Belgium and we started the first stage in leg warmers, thermal vests, gloves and hats.
Overhead, hawks circle in a rising thermal against a Carolina blue sky.
However, it takes three to five years to build a thermal power station.
Basic research into the electrical and thermal properties of metallic, magnetic and organic materials is leading to the discovery of novel superconductors.
The thermal properties of copper are such that it can draw heat away very quickly indeed, but it also has a tendency to keep that heat.
If you really want to know, we ate at a food court and shopped for thermal underwear.
It indicates what rate of climb you seem to be expecting in the next thermal based on your current air speed.