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thereto / туда, к этому, к тому
there, thither, thereto, thitherward, thitherwards
к этому
thereto, hereto
к тому
thereto, hereto
to that or that place.
the third party assents thereto
Indeed, many of the needs of the American military may be met, in the short term, by existing technology or modifications thereto , rather than new programs.
Switching circuitry in the power components allows the fan-out device to isolate cable runs connected thereto that have shorts or other problems.
In the first place, they are British citizens with all the rights and duties appertaining thereto .
The parties have agreed that the terms of the settlement are confidential and it has been agreed that neither party will issue any statement to the press in regard thereto .
the third party assents thereto
Five crashes in as many months speak for themselves, and without urgent action to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph, and to secure adherence thereto , more deaths on this road are inevitable.
It was further resolved that remaining sections of Article VIII of the by-laws and any references thereto would be renumbered accordingly.
If any dispute which is referable to adjudication is for any reason decided by any court, then the court shall have the same powers in relation thereto as the adjudicator.
Well, there are so many victims of sexual assault who go through the trauma not just of the crime, but of what happens subsequent thereto .
The Contractor shall comply with the general duties imposed on him by the 1974 Act and shall ensure that his employees and agents perform their duties in relation thereto .