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thereof / этого, из этого, из того
из этого
thereof, thence, hereof
из того
thereof, thereout
of the thing just mentioned; of that.
the member state or a part thereof
My mother has never asked me about my love life or lack thereof , which I find kind of funny.
I read once that there are only seven real plots in the world, and all stories are permutations thereof .
It was getting more difficult to judge each film on its own merits or lack thereof .
Even here there may be a sticking point over asset value, or lack thereof .
Their wool is soft and warm, coming in white, black, brown, or a combination thereof .
Called ‘Bowling for Columbine’ the film details the American love affair with guns, and the consequences thereof .
We are told that could be extended depending on the amount of progress or the lack thereof .
In terms of sleep and the lack thereof , I'm a bit concerned about this weekend.
Similarly overdue is a more general debate on the limits, or lack thereof , of political debate.
Prostitution does not in any way violate any law code or any part thereof .