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therefore / поэтому, следовательно, потому
therefore, thus, consequently, accordingly, thence
therefore, hence, consequently, accordingly, ergo, according
for that reason; consequently.
he was injured and therefore unable to play
Our task as Christians is therefore to show love to other people in every single action.
The use of a celebrity to give a brand name to a book, or series of books, is therefore a smart move.
he was injured and therefore unable to play
We should therefore discuss how much I am willing to pay for what you are prepared to do.
I tried to tell her that the words made little sense and therefore lacked any depth.
we're losing money and, therefore, costs must be reduced
It was therefore no wonder that bribery was reported to be common among the judiciary.
It therefore contains, trapped in its ice, almost as much water as there is in that sea.
Her daughter Alice is still missing and an inquest on her cannot therefore be held.
we therefore ask you to grant this application