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thereabouts / около этого, поблизости, неподалеку
около этого
thereabouts, or so, thereabout
nearby, near, around, hereabout, thereabouts, hereabouts
nearby, around here, within easy reach, thereabouts, thereabout, about
near that place.
the land is dry in places thereabouts
He said: ‘It comes from Measham in Derbyshire and it may well have been a wedding present for my great great grandparents who were married in 1890 or thereabouts .’
the land is dry in places thereabouts
I think everything took about 1 hour 45 minutes or thereabouts .
The water is extra salty in the ocean thereabouts , and the midday sun is fierce so near the equator.
Can we rendezvous at the station or thereabouts ?
If nobody won the jackpot (back then) it was then multiplied by two for the next draw, thereby sending up the jackpot to $2 million or thereabouts .
They begin to learn English at the age of nine or thereabouts and can choose between German, French and Spanish in second level.
the notes were written in 1860 or thereabouts
He is actually of an alternate dimension where everyone has pure, icy blue hypnotic eyes, and the beings that exist thereabouts communicate through a sort of musical telepathy.
Assuming he is the sole candidate, he will likely be ‘crowned’ as the new leader fairly quickly - by about mid-November or thereabouts , from what I hear.